Calling all fourth and fifth graders... Are you ready to take the “WordMasters”challenge?
WordMasters is the perfect avenue for those students who could use a little challenge in the areas of expanding vocabulary and word work. Click the links below for some cool games to help you practice!
Here are some of the details:
  • There are 3 meets this year: December, February and April.
  • All cluster students must participate, but we want more kids!
  • You get word lists to practice for the tests and meets.
  • The test usually takes 20-30 minutes and is done in the classroom.
  • The test is composed of 20 analogies much like the ones we will practice.
  • This is a challenging test. WordMasters people say 15/20 correct is a good score. The top 10 scores from each grade level goes to WordMasters as our team score.
  • Awards are given for excellent team and individual scores.
  • There are 3 challenges during the year, and they are cumulative, so the words students learn for meet 1 may show up on future tests.

4th Grade:
Activity: 4th Grade WordMasters Blue #1 2011-12 URL:

(Added in Feb. 2012)

Study WordMasters Grade 4 Blue Division First Challenge 2011 - Free Study Guides | Word Dynamo