2010 - 2011 4th & 5th Grade Battle of the Books
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Important Dates:
Nov. 7 Battle Launch
Jan. 9 Battle Author at Baldwin Public Library 7:00pm
Jan. 27 Battle Team Qualification
Feb. 8 Battle Rush at Greenfield 5:00pm
Feb. 15 Qualify for Ribbons and Gold Medal
Mar. 2 District Battle of Books at Pembroke with Greenfield and Harlan

What is the Battle of the Books?
*It is a competition for 4th & 5th grade students who have a passion for reading challenging books from a variety of genre.
*Teachers meet with students in a book club format to discuss the books. Book clubs may meet during lunch or before or after school.
*Greenfield students will join Harlan and Pembroke Elementaries for the "Big Battle" in March. Each team will consist of a mix of grade levels and schools.

How do Greenfield students participate?
*All students may read the Battle Books once they've returned a parent signed permission slip.
*Students participating in the Battle must read at least 6 out of the 10 books and pass 6 Accelerated Reader tests by a specified date in January.
*Battle Books may be checked out from the Greenfield Media Center, Baldwin Public Library, or the Southfield Library. They may also be purchased at book stores and our Scholastic Book Fair.
*Students will receive a white ribbon for passing 6 Accelerated reader tests. A blue ribbon will be awarded to students passing 8 Accelerated reader tests. Students passing all 10 tests will receive a gold medal.

How were the books selected?
*Media specialists from each building selected the books together.

What are the Battle Books?
Born to Fly, Cosmic, Diamond Willow, Museum of Thieves, Operation Redwood, Puzzling World of Winston Breen, Stumptown Kid, The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg, When You Reach Me, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!!!!